Workshops for Thriving Teachers 

Do you feel like your teaching has plateaued? Do you want to keep learning so that you can fill your teaching skills tool box? These private workshops are designed for teachers who are looking to take their teachings to the next level. All workshops can be taken by privately or in a small group (up to 4 people max).


The price for the session is per workshop. If you can collect teachers to learn together, you save!


Email to set a date for your workshops. 

Teaching Authentically (90 minutes)

This signature workshop will teach you how to integrate storytelling and bringing your authentic self to your teaching in every class. Why? Because Yoga is something we live, not do. By tapping into your authentic self, you will be able to become a more relatable and accountable Yoga teacher and being. Learn Asami’s secrets of authenticity and how she walks-the-talk each and every day of her life. Get inspired and make shifts in your daily life and learn how you can serve the world through shinning your authenticity. 


Gentle and Effective Touch with Adjustment (90 minutes)

Most students love hands on adjustments, but are you comfortable giving adjustments to your students?  In this workshop you will learn how to guide students into deeper postures through the magic of your hands. A gentle and effective touch, can go a long way to supporting, guiding, and gaining trust with your students, as well as helping to develop a student-teacher relationship.  In our modern life, people are craving connection, see how this workshop can help you create those connections with the students in your classes.


Creative Sequencing (90 minutes)

Sun Salutation A and B are great preparations to warm up your body. In this workshop you will debunk the myths of sequencing so that you can build creative, effective and transformative sequences on your own.  If you are repeating the same sequences like Warrior 2 and Side Angle pose, and feel disconnected from your creative nature then this workshop is for you! This offering of sequencing workshops is also a great add on for Teacher Trainings.


Refine Your Alignment Cues (90 minutes)

Do you catch yourself repeating the same alignment cues during classes? As a Yoga teacher, it is very important to enhance your knowledge of how to guide students to deepen their practice in most safe and effective ways. In this workshop you will learn the basic alignment in postures and fine tune your alignment cues.  Don’t forget to bring your questions so that Asami can decode the alignment-myths you are wondering about.


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