Yin Yoga Embodied Teacher Training

40 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Asami Martens + Guest Teachers

34 contact hours and 6 non-contact hours (self-study and assignments)

Dates: May 8th to 10th  and May 22nd to 24th

(8th and 10th 6 - 9pm. Other dates 10am - 6pm. 1h lunch break)

Soften. Yield. Lean in.


As our lives become busier and move at a quick pace, there is an increased demand and higher attendance for soothing Yin Yoga practices. Being still in our bodies and minds in order to cultivate space for tranquility is much needed in our daily lives. While Yin Yoga offers physical benefits such as increased range of motion and lubrication of our connective tissues, the practice also creates a pathway for mindful contemplation and introspection. Listening to the true wisdom of our hearts and connecting to a greater source of inspiration allows us to truly get to know ourselves better as Yogis on and off the mat.


This comprehensive training offers students and teachers an opportunity to hone in on the skills required to better understand, teach and practice Yin Yoga. Most importantly, this training allows us to embody the teachings of Yin Yoga on a personal level in order to live a more balanced life. Embark on the journey of a Yin Yoga Embodied Training to become a masterful teacher or take a personal retreat to enhance the understanding of this practice.  


You will receive a Yin Embodied Training Manual.

*This training will count towards your continuing education credit for Yoga Alliance.



History of Yin Yoga

The Principle of Yin and Yang

Anatomy of Yin Yoga (Guest Teacher - Natalie Kakon)

Traditional Chinese Medicine in Yoga (Guest Teacher - Karl Notargiovani)

Meridian Theory (Guest Teacher - Karl Natargiovani)

5 Elements (Guest Teacher - Karl Natargiovani)




The Heart of Practice

Yin Yoga Asanas and Instructions (20 Yin poses and counterposes)

Use of Props for Modifications

Sequences for Meridians (12 meridians)

Sequences for Body Parts

Creating Yinyasa



The Role of a Teacher

The Facilitator

The Authentic Voice

Learn Clear Instruction and Communication

The Malas


Pranayama and Meditation

Practice and Instruction


Relaxation Technique / Guided Relaxation

Practice and Instruction


Teaching Practicum

Practice Teaching

Sequencing Assignment



Journaling / Contemplation


$700 CAN (tax included)

$300 non-refundable deposit to reserve the space. Payment plan available.

12 students maximum

Terms and Conditions
  • Application and registration is required to attend the training

  • You must pay in full by May 8th in order to attend the training

  • Cancellation is accepted one month before the training for refund except the non-refundable deposit

  • Cancellation is accepted within the month  before the training for a partial refund:

    • Cancellation between April 8th and 22nd qualifies for a 50% refund expect the deposit

    • Cancellation between April 22nd and May 8th is not qualified for refund

Email asami@asamiyoga.com for inquries.