I facilitate holding an inclusive space while using yoga practice and philosophy as a container. My mission is to bring togetherness in the world through sharing my humanness with others.

I welcome you to join for laughs and honest conversations. Just show up as who you are, you are invited.



All my classes are offered donation based (*except for ELMNT Studio class).

If you have the means to contribute my teaching, I'm currently accepting monthly payment of $15-$50.


If you are out of job or receiving the government fund, please join the class with no cost. You are always welcome regardless of race, gender, sexual orientations, socio-cultural and economic status to attend my offerings. 

Please send your donations to asami@asamiyoga.com (eTransfer in Canada) or

asami.yoga@gmail.com for PayPal (International).

*All classes are in Eastern Standard Time 


Slow Flow /8pm

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Yin Yoga / 8pm

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Yin Yoga / 4pm via ELMNT Studio


Vinyasa Yoga + Meditation /9am

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I first met Asami when she attended her yoga teacher training in 2009. She had so much joy and so much to offer the other students on the training and always had a smile. This has carried over into her teaching. As one of her teachers it has been such a joy to see her grow into such a beautiful yoga teacher.  Asami’s passion for yoga and learning more allows her to constantly grow as a teacher and allows her students to grow with her. Asami is great at letting her students feel comfortable in a class and her positive energy, love of yoga and smile is infectious.


Zoe Trenwith

Adelaide Australia

I met Asami at my first Hot Flow class in Hom Yoga Sydney 12 months ago. After a few classes, I decided to ask her for a series of private one on one session as I needed assistance with my alignment.

I was born with a muscular dystrophy disease and had numerous operations on my feet in my younger years. Asami was extremely patient and researched on my condition before our first private session together.

Initially, I was a bit hesitant if yoga was suitable for my condition. Asami explained to me ” yoga is for everyone” and explained just because I have limitations on certain poses, that does not mean I can’t practice yoga. She provided me with knowledges and tools to improve on my yoga practice and offered support and encouragement which I was extremely thankful.

Having Asami as my private yoga instructor, it was definitely a rewarding and inspiring experience.

Asami is a compassionate and committed teacher of yoga. I can truly say, she was the reason why I didn’t give up on yoga in the first month of practicing.


Sydney Australia

Asami is one of the most genuine teachers - and persons - I have had the good fortune to know. She radiates joyful, positive energy, and I always leave her class feeling energised. Her class usually isn’t a walk in the park - be prepared to sweat! - but I like how she weaves her sequences together so beautifully like a dance. 


Also, she incorporates elements of yoga philosophy, so yoga with Asami is more than just the physical. It’s holistic and well-rounded, so not only did I get stronger in my practice, I also started to really think about the big picture - what yoga means to me, and how to take my practice off the mat. This, I believe, is perfect for yoga enthusiasts who hope to take their practice to the next level. Thank you Asami for being such an inspiration to my practice, and for being such a great friend. Hope to see you soon!

Leigh Khoo

Singapore Singapore

I met Asami in July 2013 when I decided to try a new yoga studio in Montreal with a one month deal. After one class with her, I was automatically motivated to attend most of her classes throughout that one month and made sure to find out where else she taught so I could keep following her classes.


I truly believe that when it comes to your yoga practice, the teacher’s role is the biggest determinant as to whether you will feel motivated to continue your yoga journey. Asami is one of those teachers who takes the time to connect to her students and teaches in a way that makes yoga relatable, accessible, enjoyable, all the while remaining challenging and inspiring. Asami opened my eyes to many yoga cues that I had not noticed before in my practice and her teachings, motivational stories and words of wisdom have stayed with me. They say that how a yoga teacher is in the classroom is truly a reflection of the person they are ‘off the mat’ and I feel that Asami is a perfect example of this – whether she is ‘on or off he mat’, she is a beautiful, kind, humble and genuine person. I hope to be able to follow her yoga teachings for many years to come!

Kimberly Chau

Montreal Canada

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